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Welcome to the official homepage of the ISF International Shuttlecock Federation. We are pleased that you are visiting our site and hope that the information you find here will help you discover the excitement that is overflowing on our Sport. The ISF is an assembly of national associations and organisations with the goal of harmoniously developing, organising and assuring Shuttlecock's future and that of international competition With a new Web design and some new features we did our best to come up to our visitors requirements and we aim to keep you updated with the latest information about the Shuttlecock Sport arround the globe. Now enjoy surfing our Portal.

The rules of ISF clearly define that the shuttlecock ball is made by goose feathers. However, Vietnam suggested the use of Vietnam style synthetic shuttlecock balls in 7th World Shuttlecock Championships just for sponsoring reasons. Vietnam will provide some of Vietnam style shuttlecock balls to every member to test, and every member should send a report to ISF ‘s secretariat about the result of testing, together with their opinions, until December 2010. If most members agree, Vietnam style shuttlecock ball will be used only in the 7th World Shuttlecock Championships.

Mr. Stavridis member of the ISF Executive Committee made the following short statement:

“Although the rules of ISF’s Statues clarify the materials of the Shuttlecock ball used by ISF to the International competitions, we must be fair and try our best to assist all of the ISF’s members to promote their ideas if it has to do with the Shuttlecock Sport promotion and development.”

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