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Taican Xintang Shuttlecock Factory

Company Introduction

Taicang Xintang Shuttlecock Factory, formerly known as Taicang Shuttlecock Factory, is a designated enterprise of China Shuttlecock Association. Established in 1982, it mainly produces "Xinjian" shuttlecock and freestyte shuttlecock. The first national shuttlecock competition was held in Suzhou in 1984, and the "Xinjian" shuttlecock became the designated equipment for the competition. In 1994, Taicang Xintang Shuttlecock Factory cooperated with Germany to establish Sino-German Shuttlecock Co., Ltd., and its products are exported to overseas. In the International Shuttlecock Championships, the National Chinese Games, the Universiade, the Peasant Games, the Minority Games and the National Sports Meeting, the "Xinjian" shuttlecock has become a special ball for the game. Over the years, with the support of the China Shuttlecock Association and relevant departments, Taicang Xintang Shuttlecock Factory has been greatly developed. Now it sells more than 4 millions competition and freestyle shuttlecocks.

In 2007, the Ministry of Education, General Administration of Sports, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League recognized Taicang Xintang Shuttlecock Factory as the national standard equipment drafting unit shuttlecock for primary and secondary schools, and became the recommended brand of relevant departments.

In 2010, Xintang Shuttlecock Factory invested and registered Taicang Aojian Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. The company cooperated with China Shuttlecock Association to establish China Shuttlecock Equipment R&D Center, which is mainly engaged in R&D, production, processing and sales. Shuttlecock special clothing, footwear and various equipments promote the standardization of shuttlecock projects, promote the development and popularization of shuttlecock sports, and improve the level of shuttlecock sports in China.

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Taican Xintang

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