2000 Hungary - the 1st Shuttlecock World Championships

Flashback for the 1st Shuttlecock World Championship

Once upon a time, it was happened more than 20 years ago that we organized the 1st Shuttlecock World Championship from 15 July to 20 July in 2000. It was a historical achievement regarding both the shuttlecock sport and the whole sports’s history. For most of the shuttlecock players it is even a tale. They were four or five years old or even they haven’t been born when Hungary organized the 1st Shuttlecock Championship. These 20 years have flown and only a few players stayed who still play shuttlecock and have already competed in 2000, as well. We can find some Finnish, Hungarian and German players who are still competing and took part in the last World Championship in France in 2019, too. There are some team leaders who came to Újszász in 2000 as a player or a team leader. The oldest is Lee from Taiwan who is still active.

It’s hard to remember for everything that was happened 20 years ago, since there were few computers. We didn’t have Internet connection all the time, we didn’t have any webpage or Facebook site. We could hardly get digital camera, too. It’s hard to imagine for the youngsters nowadays. We have some offli