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2010 China - 6th Shuttlecock World Championships

The 6th Shuttlecock World Championships, that was hosted by the International Shuttlecock Federation (ISF) and was jointly organized by the China’s National Administration of Sports, China Shuttlecock Association, Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhongshan

Government and Xiaolan Government was completed with great on July 13th, 2010 in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, south China’s Guangdong Province

More than 160 top men and women Shuttlecock Sport athletes from 14 countries (China, Macao, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Hungary, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Taipei, India, Italy, Indonesia) participated in the 6th Shuttlecock World Championships in seven events, men’s and women’s team, men’s and women’s doubles, men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles.

Teams arrived on Thursday, July 8th. The next day all the Athletes had the opportunity to acclimatized and rest; while the official technical meeting was taking place in the newly-built Xiaolan International Shuttlecock Gymnasium.

The formal opening ceremony was held on Saturday, 10 July 2010. Apart from the marching in of the National Teams, the Referee’s Body and the raising of the flags, opening ceremony included the welcome speech by Mr. Huang Biaoquan, director of Xiaolan Town, the welcome speech by Mr. Gong Yemin, Vice President of Chinese Shuttlecock Association, Deputy Director of Chinese Leisure Sports Administrative Center, the Opening Speech by Mr. Peter von Ruden, Vice President of ISF and the oath of the players by Ms. Hu Jianping (China), representative of players and the oath of the referees that was taken by Mr. Terzopoulos Kostas the Greek delegation referee. After all Madam Xiao Min, President of ISF, announced the opening of the Championships.

Right before the game begins, the students of Xiaolan Middle School featured a half hour show extravaganza with spectacular Shuttlecock Artistic skills that amazed everybody in the stadium.

For the next couple of days all the Teams tried their best offering a unique Shuttlecock Sport experience to all.

The Chinese and Vietnamese Teams dominated the Top Places in all events but unfortunately no one won the Title of the World Champion. Both teams won 3 events each, but they both lost the title in women single’s match from Macao SAR of China athlete Ms. Wong Weng Man.

The Final Results of the 6th International Shuttlecock Championships

Men’s Team Event

1st Place : China (Zhang Xin Yao, Gao Hao Guang, Mai Jin Hui, Mai Yu Tian, Li Ran, Li Jun Jian) 2nd Place:Vietnam (Le Minh Trieu, Nguyen Tuyet Cuong, Nguyen Trong Quang, Nguyen Huu Danh, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Dinh Van Duc) 3rd Place:Hong Kong SAR(Zhang Jun Ming, Huang Zhen Zong, Wu Yao Qiang, Liu Hao Qin, Ke Jun Hao, Ou Jia Jun) 4th Place:Hungary (Bogár László, Boros Péter, Kézér Zsolt, Nózsi Péter, Herczeg Gábor, Takács Zoltán, Tóth Gábor) 5th Place:Germany(Τοbias Tochtrop, Philipp Munzner, Michael, Kowallik, David Zentarra, Sven Walter) 6th Place:Macao SAR (Tam Chi Kin, Chan Chi Leong, Wai Chi Lon, Ho Man Chon Ng Ka Wai, Lee Sio Hin)

Women’s Team Event

1st Place:Vietnam (Nguyen Thi Thanh, Le Thi Be Sau, Trinh Thi Nga, Hoang Thi Tra My, Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien, Hoang Thi Hai) 2nd Place:China(Sun Li Yan, Hu Jian Ping, Wang Juan, Li Bao Yi, Meng Dong Xiao, Chen Yi Pei) 3rd Place:Macao SAR (Wong Weng Man, Leong On Kei, Lam Ka Man, Lin Jia Xin, Tangap Rosario Anabela Augusta, Choi Weng Ian) 4th Place:Hong Kong SAR (Liu Jia Qi, Su Mei Yan, Liu Yi, Chen Xiao Lin, Chen Ling, Yin Feng Pin) 5th Place:Hungary (Kapás Ágnes, Szabó Nóra, Varga Rita, Darnai Adrienn, Farkas Martina) 6th Place:Greece (Stavridi Eleni, Antoniou Efstathia, Tsamoutalidi Tina)

Mixed Double Event 1st Place:Vietnam(Nguyen Tuyet Cuong Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien) 2nd Place:China(Li Jun Jian, Meng Dong Xiao) 3rd Place:Hungary(Tóth Gábor, Kapás Ágnes) 4th Place:Μacao SAR(Tam Chi Kin, Wong Weng Man) 5th Place:Hong Kong SAR(Su Mei Yan, Zhang Jung Ming) 6th Place:Greece(Stavridis Stylianos, Stavridi Eleni)

Men’s Double Event

1st Place:Vietnam(Le Minh Trieu, Nguyen Tuyet Cuong) 2nd Place:China(Mai Jin Hui, Li Jun Jian) 3rd Place:Hungary(Herczeg Gábor, Takács Zoltán) 4th Place:Hong Kong SAR(Liu Hao Qin, Ke Jun Hao) 5th Place:Macao SAR(Tam Chi Kin, Ho Man Chon) 6th Place:Greece(Ntaioglou Nikolaos, Stavridis Stylianos)

Women’s Double Event

1st Place:China(Sun Li Yan, Hu Jian Ping) 2nd Place:Vietnam(Le Thi Be Sau, Hoang Thi Hai) 3rd Place:Macao SAR (Wong Weng Man, Leong On Kei) 4th Place:Hong Kong SAR(Su Mei Yan, Liu Yi) 5th Place:Hungary(Darnai Adrienn, Farkas Martina) 6th Place:Greece(Stavridi Eleni, Tsamoutalidi Tina)

Men’s Single Event

1st Place:China(Mai Yu Tian) 2nd Place:Vietnam(Nguyen Anh Tuan) 3rd Place:Germany (David Zentarra) 4th Place:Hungary(Tóth Gábor) 5th Place:Hong Kong SAR(Ke Jun Hao) 6th Place:Macao SAR(Tam Chi Kin)

Women’s Single Event

1st Place:Μacao SAR(Wong Weng Man) 2nd Place:Vietnam(Trinh Thi Nga) 3rd Place:China(Chen Yi Pei) 4th Place:Germany(Eva Graefensttein) 5th Place:Hungary(Farkas Martina) 6th Place:Greece(Stavridi Eleni)

The closing ceremony was held on Tuesday, 13 July 2010. After the Announcements of the results by Chief Referee Mr. Qiu Hanxiang, ISF’s vice president Mr. Janos Feher awarded a plaque to Mr. Zeng Shunqiu, deputy director of Xiaolan town for his contribution on organizing the 6th International Shuttlecock Championships. Following that Mr. Huang Biaoquan Director of Xiaolan Town award plaques to all the sponsors.

Finally in the Handover ceremony of ISF flag Mr. Zeng Shunqiu and the ISF Vice President, Mr. Peter von Ruden, gave the flag to Vietnamese delegate, who will host the 7th International Shuttlecock Championships in Vietnam in 2013




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