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2022 - Shuttlecock French Open

After nearly 3 years that the shuttlecock international competitions have been postponed due to covid situation, the Shuttlecock French Open could be finally launched and took place at the sport center CDFAS Eaubonne, France. From the 10th to the 12th of June, around 100 players from 7 countries gather together.

We can see the new generation of Hong Kong teams has very good skills. They get more and more experience in high level competitions. They have open spirit and get friends with other teams.

The Vietnam teams come from 4 cities (3 in the north and 1 in the center of Vietnam). They have splitted the strong players to 4 different teams with the objectif to exchange with international players and have an equal level in the competition in order to get beautiful games. They got the visa just one day before the flight (occupied by the Sea games 31st) so their coming was "emotionnal" for the french organisation . Even if with jet lag, they tried their best to get the gold medal.

The Germany teams come with 3 clubs Hagen, Haspe and Munster. 2 different german styles : Hagen with fighting spirit (Komm ! Komm !) and Haspe with the Zen attitude. They have trained a lot since 3 years for physical body and technical skills.

This year, only women teams from Hungary come and leaded by our "Sir" Janos. Around 20 years old, they have much chance to be the best women teams in Europe.

From Italy, we have 2 clubs Sicilien and Catania. Young, motivated players, they want to learn as much as possible during the competition and mostly get friends who share the same passion.

The most experienced team from Finland is fully present. They know a lot about the shuttlecock competition development history. The new generation of shuttlecock players try to win them but not easy yet !

Last but not least, from France, players from the clubs Paris, Puteaux, Marseille and Dunkerque came for the competition and also to help the organisation. For a few "newcomers", they were excited to discover this big shuttlecock family.

Thank France Plumfoot and the president Etienne Seche for the organisation.

Paris, June 2022

Photos ©HongKong Shuttlecock facebook

The winners : Vietnam teams & Haspe (from Germany)

Video ©International Shuttlecock Federation & France Plumfoot


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