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2022 - Shuttlecock German Open

Hagen, October 2022, Great sport at the 16th German Open

For no less than three days, 130 participants from six nations competed for the titles at the 16th German Open in the Karl-Adam-Sporthalle in Hagen. While the teams from Hungary clearly dominated the women's competition, the brothers David and Christopher Zentarra from hosts FFC Hagen were clearly in the spotlight in the men's competition. The two national players secured first place in the doubles as well as in the team together with Stefan Blank and Max Duchene.

Without losing a set, the FFC quartet stormed through the preliminary round, the round of 16 and the quarterfinals before one of the big title contenders around record European champion Gábor Tóth was waiting in the semifinals with Újszászi VVSE. But also here David Zentarra, Stefan Blank, Christopher Zentarra and Max Duchene did not let themselves be diverted from their course, although the first set went to the Magyars with 17:21. In the following two sets the team from Volmestadt underlined their own title ambitions with a clear 21:12, 21:15 and entered the final.

In the final there was a reunion with Nagykanizsa ZSE, with whom the FFC quartet still had a score to settle. After all, the Hungarians had defeated the Hagen team in the final of the Hungarian Open at the end of July with 17:22, 21:15, 18:21. Highly concentrated and motivated, David Zentarra, Stefan Blank, Christopher Zentarra and Max Duchene pulled out all the stops in the first round and played Nagykanizsa to the wall with 21:8 in front of the 200 astonished spectators. In the second round, the Hungarians were able to keep the match more open, but the set also went to the jubilant hosts with 21:16.

Bronze in the team competition went to local rivals Flying Feet Haspe. In the small final, Franziska Oberlies, Torben Nass and Philip Kühne prevailed against Újszász with 21:16, 11:21, 21:14.

After their triumph in the team competition, the Zentarra brothers also played very well in the doubles. In a high class and for long stretches balanced final match the duo proved to have strong nerves and defeated the Hungarians Gábor Tóth and Martin Kökény from Újszászi VVSE with 21:19, 21:18. Third place was not played in the competition, which was played according to the knockout system with 54 starters. Therefore, Benett Baranyai and Gergö Horváth of Nagykanizsa ZSE (Hungary), who lost to the Zentarras 19-21, 18-21 in the semifinals, were ranked third. Fourth place went to Torben Nass and Philip Kühne of Flying Feet Haspe, who had lost in the semi-finals by a very narrow margin of 15:21, 24:22, 20:22 to Gábor Tóth and Martin Kökény. Tarik Kaufmann from CP Gifhorn and Noah Wilke from Cronenberger BC were happy about rank 6.

In the women's doubles the winners were Lilla Farkas and Evelin Kovács of PISZE SE/Újszászi VVSE from Pusztasz after beating Barbara Németh and Fanni Ézsiás in the final 8:21, 21:18, 23:21. Third place went to Napsugár Buki and Luca Szabó (Pusztaszer PISZE SE). Best German doubles were Carolin Hildebrand and Christina Freygang from FFC Hagen in 11th place.

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We learn even more when we fail, this time Hagen won the final !

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