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Vietnam Shuttlecock Federation 2022-2027

On the July 16 of 2022, in Hanoi, the 1st Congress of the Vietnam Shuttlecock Federation took place for the mandate 2022 - 2027. Former Vice Chairman of the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children Nguyen Van Tuyet was elected President of Vietnam Shuttlecock Federation (VSF) with Mac Xuan Tung as General Secretary.

The direction of VSF for the mandate 2022 - 2027 for Vietnam :

- gather, unite, and encourage members to participate in training, shuttlecock development

- focus on young ages

- propose mechanisms and policies for the development of shuttlecock sport

- organize and manage shuttlecock tournaments at the national and international levels

- recognize achievements in shuttlecock, the level of athletes, coaches, referees according to regulations etc

Executive Committee of Vietnam Shuttlecock Federation 2022-2027

Annoucement of VSF creation 2022-2027

Shuttlecock has been present in the Sea games 22 and 25, participation in a Sea games is also one of the objective in the future.


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